Involuntarily Invisible
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"Am I invisible because you ignore me?" - this question inspired me to create this work, which attempts to embody the feelings a person has when basic human rights are threatened. I challenge everyone to consider whether or not people's individual rights matter even if they don't pertain to you.

The 2016 Presidential Election has caused many people of marginalized communities to feel that their lives are incredibly devalued. America has elected an individual who has little to no intention to protect anyone out of his target interest group; white, heterosexual, cisgender Americans.

This has lead to an incredible backlash from marginalized communities (and allied supporters) in response to feeling like their lives don't matter. Anyone who is NOT caucasian, male, heterosexual, cisgender, or born in America is now filled with an intense fear of not even being protected by their own government.

The truth is, marginalized communities often depend on the government to protect their most basic rights because the privileged* American population fails to treat everyone as people like themselves. 'Make America Great Again' really should read 'Make America Great Again for whites, males, heterosexuals, and cisgender Americans' because that is the definition of America for too many people.

Acknowledging one's own privilege is the first step towards equality for everyone. People with it often fear of 'losing their freedom.' The irony of this is that actual freedom has no threats; 'freedom' accompanied with threats falls more in line with the definition of group privilege. True freedom doesn't exist until it exists for everyone.

*privilege does not refer to wealth in this sense. This definition is based on a social psychological definition of an unfair superiority status given to a person because they are inherently a part of a certain group (white, male, heterosexual, cisgender, born in America, etc.)

CREDENTIALS: Music: They Don't Care About Us by Michael Jackson I used a slowed down version posted by the user RandomMusicAndVideo