Long Way From Home (Solo: Taylor H.)
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Choreography by April Henehan (Contemporary, 2015) Soloist: Taylor H. (age 15) Attends Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, FL and trains at Britney Boyd Dance Company.

"Long Way From Home" is a Contemporary Ballet Solo about the road less traveled and falling off track before finding your purpose again and rising up stronger than when you started the journey. Performed for Faculty (Oct. 2015) at Douglas Anderson Sch. of the Arts as a required informal Dance department viewing for all Sophomore Dance majors.

Regional/National Awards & Highlights:

  • Dancer Palooza Scholarship: “Long Way From Home” Taylor Hagy
  • FULL-Tuition Scholarship to Joffrey NYC: “Long Way From Home” Tayor Hagy
  • 2016 Hall Of Fame “Precision & Showmanship” Judge’s Award “Long Way From Home” Taylor Hagy
  • 2016 Hall Of Fame “Best in Category” - “Long Way From Home” Taylor Hagy
  • 2016 5th Overall Senior American Soloist Hall Of Fame – “Long Way From Home” Taylor Hagy
  • August 2016, Dancers Photo Challenge “People’s Choice Winner” (Taylor Hagy) Photograph “Ravine” by April Henehan also featured by Dance Spirit Magazine in June, 2015.

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