Unstoppable ~ E.S. Posthumus
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Categories: Contemporary

Hey! What’s up? I hope you really enjoyed or will enjoy watching this video! This video was so much fun to film, but sooooo intense! I came to Isaiah (@isaiahthegreat95), my creative director and filmographer, with the song and to get a location in mind of where he wanted to shoot and we just went from there. I let him take total control of this project and he is definitely the person to call for an amazing video project. He even does amazing photography as well. Please!!! And I mean this seriously….PLEASE go check out his Instagram @isaiahthegreat95 and contact him if you need a video of something or even want an great photoshoot. The reason I chose this song and this song title is because I feel that throughout this past year I have been challenged in ways that I didn't think were possible. I've grown so much in dance and in myself and I want to continue to get better and better. Thank you to everyone that has played a major part in my life and dance career and has challenged me to grow stronger each day! See y'all later for things bigger and better! ~ Simba Starr

Contact Information Simba: Instagram: @thesimbastarr Email: crazyjesus.sherard@gmail.com

Isaiah: Instagram: @isaiahthegreat95 Email: isaiahstrozier@gmail.com Twitter: @isaiahstrozier