Just Listen (Solo-Morgan B)
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Categories: Choreography Lyrical

Choreography: April Henehan (Lyrical/Acro, 2013) Music: "Main Title" from August Rush Soloist: Morgan B. (May/2015) Studio K Dance / age 8-9

Competition Results/Highlights:

-2015 Scholarship Winner: The Art of Movement Summer Intensive -2014 VIP 1st Overall Mini Hollywood Soloist -2014 Showstopper 1st Overall Mini Competitive Soloist -2014 Legacy Dance Championship 1st Overall Mini Soloist -2014 Shake The Ground 3rd Overall Petite Competitive Soloist -2015 Shake The Ground 7th Overall Primary Competitive Soloist -2015 Showstopper 10th Overall Junior Competitive Soloist

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