Tribal Revolution 2015 (Bharatanatyam/Bellydance Fusion) - Serpent
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Categories: Bharathanatyam

Song: Serpents by Nitin Sawhnney

This is a dance about a beautiful woman who desires to be even more beautiful than she already is, thus making a potion that she thinks will accomplish this. Her lust for beauty leads to an unexpected twist that forces her to have to accept her new form. The moral is that we need to learn how to accept who we are as people, especially in a society where beauty standards decided for us.

I have trained in the Classical Indian Dance form, Bharatanatyam 9 years now, however I started with Belly Dance at 5. This is the first time I've been able to fuse the two, and I definitely had some help!

CREDITS: Hema Rajagopalan - Training for the past decade in Bharatanatyam Sabah Saeed - Training and coaching in Belly Dance and Fusion Kim Bova- Very first dance teacher Mark Selner - Costume Carrie Meyer - Photographer Audrey Sica- Videographer Karen "Piper" Hersh - Body Mechanics

Thank you Christina King and Katie O'Brien for this opportunity! Thank you Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Hema Malini, Mae Phillips, Nilaja Theesfield and Kate Darling for the inspiration! Thank you so much to my wonderful parents Nina Arora-Rowland and Dominique Rowland for the love, help, and support!!!