In Pursuit (Solo: Haralin R.)
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Choreography by April Henehan (Contemporary, 2015) Soloist: Haralin R. (age 17)

Haralin R. attends Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, FL as a Dance Major. She is a 2nd year Member of Dance Theatre; the highest level of dance to be studied at the School.

Haralin performed this Solo entitled "In Pursuit" at an Informal Showing for Faculty and Guests in October, 2015.

This video was later filmed at school by one of her professors for her Young Arts submission. She has been accepted on scholarship to continue studying Dance in college by New World School of the Arts, University of the Arts, and Alabama State University. She was also selected by the Joffrey School of Ballet to attend any Joffrey Summer Intensive of Choice on Scholarhsip this past January and featured on Dance Media.

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