Enrique Penn | Choreography "The Feeling" - @justinbieber
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Hello everyone,

I literally listened to this song everyday since Justin released his album. Reason being is because i've went through A lot during these past 5 months. That stage where you catch feelings for someone really hard and its A challenge. You want that special person but that person isn't to sure about what they want. Then when I heard this song it opened my eyes. There's always someone wanting to fall in love or just even having that special person to keep them on there feet what most people want in life, but can't have it. There is always going to be obstacles you have to overcome to be with that special someone or even make them realize you want them and only them. I hope you all enjoy this piece because it wraps up 2015, going into 2016. I'am currently working on new projects as well so just be on the lookout guys.!!!!

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Filmed by: Francisco Monarrez Choreographer: Enrique Penn Director: Enrique Penn Editor: Francisco Monarrez Music: " The Feeling " - @justinbieber ft. @Halsey

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Also unknown plot on why the guy is standing there???

( God Bless )