THE WEEKND | Earned It Choreography | @TravisGarland (cover) - @MikeyDellaVella
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This video and the concept behind it is my most meaningful to date, and one that truly means a lot to me. There are only a handful of women in my life I'd give the world to (besides family) and these are 3 of them. It's hard these days to find people in your life who truly believe in you, trust in you, and want the best for you inside and out. And those women deserve only the best. They've EARNED IT. So this is my piece/concept dedicated to these 3 and few other women in my life. I love you all very much and theres nothing I wouldn't do to protect you or help you fulfill anything in life.

Choreography/Danced by: Mikey DellaVella Music by: Travis Garland

Direction of Photography: Tim Milgram Videography by: Jerel Mascarinas & Green Gaskell Editing by: Mikey DellaVella

Actors: Chris Castillo, Green Gaskell & Jerel Mascarinas. Actresses: Christine Lalas, Madison Duncan & Taylor Edgin.

Locations: Tajunga Park (Noho, CA), Kahuna Tiki (Noho, CA), and the home of Dominic Sandoval. ~Shout out to D-Trix for allowing me to use his facility!~

Affiliations: OCEANS11, immaBEAST & DanceOn Network.

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