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Title: A Rehearsal of Loss Music: Miserere-Van Holmboe-Ars Nova Copenhagen Cast: Jake Washabaugh and Matthew Huefner

This contemporary male duet was initially motivated by a work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres that I encountered this summer at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Untitled (The End) consists of sheets of paper that museum visitors may take away. Because his artworks often circulated outside the gallery, Felix Gonzalex-Torres likened them to a virus. He said, “You have a show and everyone ‘s walking out of the show with your work. And it’s kind of painful, but at the same time it was a rehearsal for me, learning to let go.” A Rehearsal of Loss explores the inevitable “rehearsal period” we as interpersonal beings construct when we predict an experience of loss in our near future. In this process we attempt to ease the sting of loss by slowly and systematically detaching ourselves from the person, situation or relationship. This duet uses movement that physically intertwines the dancers to expose the tender stages that precede the more acknowledged five stages of grief