Thinking Out Loud. First Rehearsal With Live Violin
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I am an 8th grader in a Performing Arts Middle School. My best friend and I decided to do a piece together for Student Voices ( a show showcasing people's talent) her talent is violin and mine is dancing. We both love Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran and decided to work together. Hai Cohen choreographed this with me. I love working with him. This was my first time rehearsing it live with the violin. I will be posting the final results in April when we have the show! Audition is in a week and a half. Thanks for watching me work and grow. I love coming up with special and different ways to show my love for dancing. DO WHAT YOU LOVE WITH THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE!

PS: floor is NOT the floor I will be dancing on. I recommend you do not do pointe on this type of floor if you can avoid it. I had a LOT of rosin on my shoes and the teacher you see in the back who let me use her classroom was ok with me putting a lot of rosin. Always ask for permission to use rosin. It's the nice thing to do :-)