Contemporary Solo - "Instructions For A Bad Day"
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Olivia Bohrer- KAR Denver 2014 Contemporary solo age 16 Student choreography Colorado School of Dance Elite top first, 1st overall senior soloist ages 15-19, Title winner of "Miss Dance"

Instructions For a Bad Day- poem by Shane Koyczan

This is my solo from the 2013/2014 dance season. This was my final competition of the season and this dance means a lot to me. I wanted to share my passion for dance and the poem "Instructions For a Bad Day" really spoke to me and I wanted to share this message with everybody. This was my first season back to dancing after almost 20 months of recovery from hip surgery on my right and left side, along with ankle surgery. During my time off, I felt like my only enjoyment been taken from me and I had very little self-confidence. I was losing hope. As I slowly recovered and returned to dance, I learned how much I appreciate this art form and although I am still regaining my strength, I am so grateful for all that is in my life and I want to tell people that there will be bad days, but to keep fighting no matter how hard things get. Thank you to everybody who had supported me through everything in my life and to anybody reading this, I love you.