"White Walls" By: Macklemore Choreography "Stuck In Traffic"
Added 3 years, 8 months ago
Categories: Freestyle

So I'm in a stand still going East on interstate I-70 and have been there for 3 hours so I realize that this would be the perfect opportunity to get to shoot a dance video that no one else really has before! So in -3 degree weather and on 2-3in of ice I got out and dance to a song that I thought was appropriate given the circumstances! I don't freestyle a lot, but I couldn't pass up the chance! So here is my freestyle choreo to "White Walls" by: Macklemore. Sorry not a lot of footwork, I was just lucky I didn't fall, and was proud I did it all in one take! S/o to Chris Harden for the video cred! Hope you enjoy it!


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