Whs Cultural Assembly Gtent. Rehearsal - Beautiful Night By Beast Dance Cover
Added 3 years, 11 months ago
Categories: Freestyle

Thanks to all who enjoyed the live show on Friday! We hope you liked it, and if you were for the third assembly and you didn't get to see it, well here is the video I recorded from one of the practice rehearsals. We hope you can still enjoy this video here! WHS's Generations Top Entertainment here to bring you another great cultural assembly like last years! Like, Comment, Subscribe! Thanks guys! xoxo -Natasaurousx

Choreography taught to us by Jack Nguyen We do not own the song, nor MOST of the dance moves in this cover video. Some of it was freestyle!!

Song: Beautiful Night by Beast

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G.T.Ent Leader/Visual: Jack's Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jack_Jae_Nguyen (@Jack_Jae_Nguyen)

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