Bruno Mars- It Will Rain Contemporary Improv
Added 4 years ago
Categories: Contemporary

There a moments in life where you just need one person to be there for you when the world crashes down on you. Luckily, I have found that person that I can always count on no matter what, our bond is strong and no matter where this life takes either one of us nothing well ever shake what we have. Going along with the song, I placed myself in the mindset of "what if" I were to loose this dear person to me. The emotionality that pours out is raw, uncut, and unrehearsed. It shows the extent of how much I love this person and the utter pain I would feel. I'm improvin outside with the grey clouds in the back ground which sets the gloomy painful tone. Kind of crazy how I decided to do it on a day like that. It's been a while since I danced so this is the first time I have attempted to move since 8 months ago. But, hopefully I didn't lose any strength or flexibility in that time. Enjoy. Comment. Critique.