Down The Rabbit Hole
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Chard Gonzalez Dance Theatre Excerpts from Down the Rabbit Hole Performed at Marigny Opera House New Orleans, Louisiana March 8, 2013

Music for this video composed by Martin Pyne "Penelope Dreaming" Percussion: Martin Pyne Clarinet/Sax: Dai Pritchard Voice: Sarah Walker

Cast White Rabbit: Kabrena Robinson Cheshire Cat: Meliah Henry Caterpillar: Mary Carol Chenet Mad Hatter: Christopher Forsyth March Hare: Madison Alford Dormouse: Reese Johanson Queen of Hearts: Chard Gonzalez King of Hearts: Paul Aguiar Jack of Hearts: Will Byram

Sleepwalkers/Butterflies/Cards Nikki Hooker Casey Johnson Katie Labadie Lyndsey Nuebel Jessica Orlando Brenna Serigne Stephanie Sommers Andrea Torres Destiny White

Original Music Shane Courville (not on this video)

Costumes Chard Gonzalez Julie Winn

Lighting Justin Bourgeois

Set Pieces Dara Johnston Dan Zimmer

Video Footage Melisa Cordona

Video Editing Chard Gonzalez

Many thanks to

Marigny Opera House Dave Hurlbert Regina Wilkins Craig Nero Blake Coheley Pandora Gastelum Jarina Carvalho Charles Rogers Paul Werner Mike Pellera Grey Cross Pamela Serigne Laverne Hooker Joseph Parrino NOCCA Artist Inc. Fleur de Paris Who Dat Coffee Cafe Webb's Bywater Music