"Family Portrait" | Amy Connerley
Added 4 years, 8 months ago
Categories: Choreography Hip Hop

I am very blessed to have met so many amazing people through dance. I like that this wonderful group of people throughout the DMV and NC area is referred to as a dance family, because that is exactly what they are, my family. Kodachrome has created an amazing community, and I can not wait to see how much more they can accomplish.

This piece is about a family, that although they appear happy on the outside, struggles to maintain a strong and supportive home in reality. Some people do not have a safe environment to fall back on when life gets tough, and we all need to keep things in perspective. Thanks to Warren Holly for filming and editing this video. I loved getting to work with these talented dancers and I hope you enjoy this piece!

Dancers: Fred Mayor Amy Connerley Marbien De Jesus Mike Keltner Edlene Fronteras

Song: Family Portrait - Pink