I [Dream] For Hours, Sometimes Days.
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Categories: Modern

Musicality, repetition, dream-like states, memory, childhood, play and oddity are some of the pieces I built with.

I was having a hard time coming up with a name for this piece. I asked Pogo on Twitter how he come's up with names for his songs and he replied, "I think for hours, sometimes days." I'm still not sure how genuine his answer was but it doesn't bother me.

In any case, Pogo is the leading inspiration for this piece. I swapped the word "think" for "dream" because it better suits the overall tone of the piece.

Choreography: Kianna Moye Music by: Pogo (Nick Bertke) Dancers: Inger Cooper, Annalee Dare Harlow, Mary Grace McNally, Sam Smith, Shomari Savannah and Teddy Tedholm.