Hello, I am Diaunte Jenkins and I currently reside in Miami Florida. I am a Senior at Miami Northwestern Senior High school whom attains a 3.7 and 4.3 GPA. I have been training in dance for the last four years with the Young Contemporary Dance Theatre of Miami, Florida. Within the company, I have been granted several opportunities such as competing on Lifetime TV Series "Bring It!" as well as being a main cast on our own TV Series "Step It Up". Dance to me is truly an outlet in which I can express myself through this form of art. Recently I was honored with a scholarship from the Alvin Ailey Extension in New Work City for the summer of 2016. With being raised in these murky streets of Liberty City, dance was a very rare activity for African American males. Throughout my journey as a dancer, I have faced many adversities but I kept overcoming them in order to achieve my goals in life to be a professional dancer/performer on tour. I aspire to be a professional background dancer for artist and gradually elevate to become a renown choreographer in this dance industry. Aside from dance I also sing and act. All three of the forms of performing arts have been a part of my life since birth and are all used equally as an outlet.
October 24, 2016
Miami Northwestern Senior High School