Maya Singh - November 2017 Viewers' Choice

I study as senior company member of DACPAC, Dance Attack's Contemporary Performing Arts Company in Sunnyvale California under the direction of Cheryl Copeland and assistant director Lauren Kato. There, I study ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and hip hop. I have also studied Bollywood dance and Rajasthani folk dance from my mom. I've been dancing since the age of 3.

I have had many wonderful teachers including Cheryl and the amazing faculty at Dance Attack.  My cousin Ena is also a great support and inspiration. It is wonderful to intern with her Elite Naach Academy. I have also been very fortunate to work with brilliant guest teachers and choreographers such as Sidra Bell, Aminya Houston, Anthony Morigerato, Matt Luck, Liana Blackburn, Cindy Salgado, Jess Hendricks, Carlos Jones, Arcell Cabuag, Reed Tankersly, Dana Wilson, Shakti Mohan, and Rujuta Vaidya.

Thank you so much to Sonia Mukherji and my friends at Junoon Performing Arts who invited me to perform this as a guest artist in their show Dil Se: A Journey. The dance in this video is to the ghazal "Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna" by Parveen Sultana. In the song, she's singing about how she would do anything to be with the person she loves. Though she sings with alluring vigor, what I loved most about this song was how deeply I could feel what she was feeling. I let that emotion drive me as I choreographed the piece.

I love the idea that dance is a language. Body language is an important part of everyday life today, but back before spoken word was integral to a functioning society, body language was everything. Today, we've taken it to a point where everything about modern dance, and movement in general, is so interpretive, yet still a universally understood mode of communication, which I think is so powerful. Dance truly is for everybody.

Right now, I'm applying to BFA programs all around the country and plan to major in dance and minor in English. I would love to remain a part of the dance world in any way possible, whether that be through performing, choreographing, or writing about dance. Thanks again for this amazing opportunity.

My Instagram is @_mayasingh_