Lydia Murphy - Judges' Choice October 2017
Thank you so much! I have been dancing for about 10 years training in classical ballet and have since started training in contemporary as well for the last two. My directors at Academy of Ballet Arts, Dana Nelson and Jose Chavez, have helped me to grow after switching to their school two years ago. My piece was choreographed by Mark Galvan, and the physical and emotional journey that I went through with this piece helped me to grow into a more confident dancer. I enjoy participating in competitions because it is an opportunity to perform in front of some really cool people, as well as preparing me to work and perform a variation under pressure, which I hope will prepare me further for a professional ballet career. Performing is what drives me to dance; I feel most at home when I am on the stage, getting to be a different person for a little while, and being able to express myself to other people through dancing. My plan is to be accepted into the year round program at a presigous ballet company, and earn a spot as an apprentice so that I can work my way up through the ranks to become a principle dancer.
My instagram is @lydiadances_lovespigs