Liz Carroll - Judges' Choice September 2017
What Do I Know was shot at Pier 1 in Brooklyn on a Saturday afternoon, inviting a lot of interaction with the people of Brooklyn walking by--it was so exciting to spread the message of love and tap dance! People approached with questions, wanting to know more about who we are and what we do, and as you saw in the video, some joined in on the dancing too! 
This video was directed by Liz Carroll and features her, Emma Bigelow, Rachel Binney, Kellyann Lennon, and Jared Sprague. All of the dancers are college students in New York City (Pace University, NYU, and Lehman College), and are all currently working toward professional dance careers. 
I’ve been studying rhythm tap since I was fifteen, where I began with NJTAP2 under the direction of Miss Deborah Mitchell and Karen Callaway Williams. 
The future is looking bright for us! We’ve got more videos coming, so stay tuned, and keep an eye on our social media for the next one :) 
Liz Carroll on Facebook, @lizcarroll415 on Instagram!
Emma Bigelow: @emmabigelow_
Rachel Binney: @rbinney
Kellyann Lennon: @kellyann_lennon
Jared Sprague: @deraj_eugarps
Thank you so much again!