Rachel Quiner - July 2017 Judges' Choice

My favorite styles of dance are ballet and contemporary. I began dance at age 2. I am thrilled to be performing the role of Clara for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular for the third time this holiday season!  It is such an honor to dance on the great stage!  I was also so happy to be one of the ballet dancers in the upcoming movie, The Greatest Showman on Earth, starring Hugh Jackman and Michelle Williams.  I enjoyed meeting both of them and I am looking forward to the movie opening on Christmas Day. 

I love participating in workshops and conventions!  The challenge of learning combos from top choreographers quickly is a helpful skill for dancers and workshops give you a lot of practice in that area.  Suzi Taylor is one of my favorite workshop teachers and it was so great to work with her for my solo!  Dancing her solo "Indecision" in the NYCDA gala was a dream come true for me!  After the gala, she gave me a big hug and I started crying tears of joy.  It is a moment I will never forget!  Tate McRae, Quinn Starner and Kayla Mak are some of my friends but also dancers I really look up to in the competition world.  They are all amazing contemporary dancers!  I am so inspired by ABT dancers as well.  They are my favorite ballet company!  I would love to dance there someday!  Thank you so much for this scholarship!  Since I have 5 sisters that dance and 2 brothers (that play soccer), this is very helpful!