Successful Summer Intensives

With summer intensive season right around the corner, here is some wisdom from master teacher Francisco Gella about how to find the right summer program for you and grow from the experience. Gella’s holistic approach to dance and teaching brings a positive, healthy, and nurturing perspective to his training advice we all need to remember!

We all get way too caught up in who and where might stroke our egos. But in reality, you'll make the biggest impact going where it feels right at the right time. There is talent, potential, and opportunity awaiting you in every nook and cranny. Follow where your heart is leading you.

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is making it our mission to 'beat' someone else at something. It's a distraction courtesy of our ego to test us. Let it go.

To the students who are more limited in what you can afford to do: if you want it bad enough, you'll find a way. And don't be afraid to ask for scholarships and assistance. There are a lot of generous people who will help if they know you need it. You've got this!

Have patience (slow down) and work with teachers you trust. Be safe—there are a lot of years ahead.

Slow and steady. That's a guiding principle that's worth applying to dance training and life in general. It's easy to fall prey to the comparison game. Avoid the trap. Patience will pay off. Enjoy the ride. Take in the scenery. Watch and follow the road signs that are there for you.

You can read more from Francisco Gella in this interview.  He will be teaching at the following programs, for which you can still register:

  • Aria, The Ballet Intensive: Dancerpalooza, July 31- August 6, Long Beach, CA