Taylor Naturkas - February 2017 Viewers' Choice

Thank you so much! I study at Crooked Tree Arts Center School of Ballet in Petoskey, Michigan and have been dancing for 10 years.  Heather Raue, my ballet instructor, has taught me my whole life and I spend everyday with her. Without her and what she has given me, I would not be where I am today. Also, I would like to acknowledge all the past teachers I have studied with over the summers such as Suzanne Farrell and Patricia McBride.

The love and passion I have towards dance is something very special. I want to dance for others around me to bring them joy. My need to dance pushes me to work everyday for what I love.

I learned the variation from "Stars and Stripes" over the past summer at Chautauqua Institution from Patricia McBride herself.  I love this variation and style. Learning the variation from one of the ballerinas that originally danced it was so amazing because she told us everything that George Balanchine told her. I found this very special and I soaked it all in. After the summer we have a production called "Fall for Dance" where the students can choreograph and perform variations. I chose to perform "Stars and Stripes" because I felt happy and excited while dancing it.

My goal is to dance with a prestigious ballet company. I want to begin my dancing career as a ballerina hired out of high school and inspire others for as long as I can. 

Instagram @taylorscout13