Eoghan Dillon - February 2017 Judges' Choice
I am currently a company member with Parsons Dance, a company based in the heart of NYC right beside Times Square. I grew up in Ottawa, Canada where I trained rigorously in the prestigious arts program at Canterbury High School. At age 18, I was awarded a full scholarship to study dance at The Ailey School. I took off for NYC at age 18 and never looked back. I have worked with so many amazing artists whilst living in New York: Robert Battle, Kate Skarpetowska, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, David Parsons, to name a few.

I would never be where I am today if it wasn't for one specific teacher at Canterbury High School, Connie St. Louis, whom I'd love to take a second to thank. She sat me down at 17 years old, on what no doubt was her only lunch break of the day, and spent hours surfing the internet trying to interest a young inexperienced artist in the world of concert dance and to expose me to the opportunities she knew existed all over the world, and that I should try to take advantage of. She really had some blind faith in me, and without her I never would've gone to New York to audition for my scholarship. So to her I say, thank you from the bottom of my heart. My confidence is the product of your trust in me. Everyone deserves a mentor as selfless and kind as Connie St Louis. Now I consider myself very lucky to travel home and teach dance with her in workshops at the school, in hopes that we may together inspire some more talented youth to follow their dreams, like I did.

The past year or so I have decided to put a lot more energy into choreography and creation specifically. I met Angelo Vasta, the cinematographer for the series, through a friend of a friend at a show and knew I wanted to work with him immediately. This project, a three part dance short series entitled "The Self Help Series" is an ode to my generation and what I believe to be some of its current struggles. The series explores important issues and ideas that lie beneath the angst young artists feel within our current societal climate. Acceptance, resegregation, sexuality stereotypes, and racial micro-aggressions, among others, deserve no place in our world today, and yet all are witnessed and experienced by artists of today on a day to day basis. I find myself asking questions about the future of our artistic community and how the arts can make an impact by portraying a deep understanding of the concepts mentioned above. It is through choreography and dance film that I would like to continue exploring these questions. 

I have launched a Kickstarter Campaign for the third installment of this series, so this scholarship will go directly into the next film, and that is really such an amazing gift at this moment so thank you again!

Please help the artists of "The Self Help Series." build the third installment of the collection with their Kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/406525234/the-self-help-dance-series?ref=user_menu

Part 3 of the trilogy will capture 6 male dancers, filmed by cinematographer Angelo Vasta, and clad in beautiful costumes by Mark Anthony Gieringer. I will use six male dancers to explore the expectation placed upon men to portray a heteronormative masculine identity in order to be accepted within our society. The “blurred lines” that encompass human complexity, and the physical portrayals of gender and sexuality will be the highlights of this piece.
I really can't describe how ecstatic I am over this, truly a blessing.
Thank you.