Camille Cabrera - February 2017 Judges' Choice

Thank you so much for choosing me as the Judges' Choice dancer for the month of February! My name is Camille Cabrera and I have been dancing since the age of eleven. I began pursuing dance at the Columbia City Jazz Company under the direction of artistic director Dale Lam after watching one of their performances at a local theatre. I never thought that attending a dance show would change my life so much. Ever since then I cannot imagine my life without dance. Contemporary is my favorite style of dance simply because it is a style where you can really discover yourself. Working with choreographers such as Travis Wall is amazing and such an honor. Learning my solo from him last year was truly one of my most memorable dance experiences. My plans are to have a career in dance after school as a company dancer or even a choreographer. After high school I would like to attend the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance in California. Dance is my passion and there is no way I would be here if it were not for the loving support of my mom and grandfather. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me get where I am today and thank you Harlequin Floors for this amazing scholarship!

Instagram- camillejadecabrera