Kennedy Phelps - December 2016 Judges' Choice

I study ballet, jazz, tap, modern, contemporary, lyrical, pointe, hip hop, and acro/ tumbling. I currently dance at Legacy Dance Studio and I am a member and Rehearsal Assistant for Renaissance Dance Workshop. I’ve been dancing in Detroit, MI for 13 years. Dancing is my passion and I don’t see myself ever stopping. I want to acknowledge Ms. Jessica Thomas my ballet teacher. She is one person I can always count on. Ms. Jessica is always searching for opportunities to display my talents. Her constant effort to further my career as a professional dancer is the reason I was selected as the Judges’ Choice winners of the December 2016 Harlequin Scholarship contest. She sees things in me that I don’t necessarily see in myself. I’m so fortunate to have someone like Ms. Jessica in my life.

Javon Jones is the choreographer of “Internal.” Javon Jones is a great friend of mine, so when he came with the idea of setting a piece on me I was thrilled. I remember him asking if the solos I’ve done in the past have been slow or fast pieces. I began to tell him that most of them have been slow. He automatically said, “Well alright, this solo will be fast.” I started to think to myself that I wasn’t ready for this type of solo. It was the first time I’d ever worked with Javon on any piece. On top of that I was coming off an injury to my right angle so I wasn’t sure if I would be able to produce. Working with Javon was a blast. His energy was different. He made the whole experience enjoyable. I can’t thank him enough for the time he spent with me in the studio. It was definitely magical.

I want to eventually become a Principal dancer in a dance company and travel the world. I’m not your ideal dancer but I’ve always wanted to be a dancer that kids look up to. When kids see a picture of me I want them to say,” I want to be just like her.” I want to inspire other kids to dance and show them that there is a future in this industry and that it’s possible to be professional African American dancer.

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