Jordyn Lewis - November 2016 Viewers' Choice

I began dancing at the age of 3. I took recreational classes for several years and then decided that I wanted to further my dance education. In 2012, I joined a dance company called Columbia City Jazz Company, under the artistic direction of Dale Lam.  Since I joined CCJC, I have had extensive training from our studio teachers, as well as, professional dancers and choreographers in ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap and hip hop. My favorite genre of dance is contemporary. This style of dance allows me to create fluid movements with versatility. I would like to thank my teacher,  Dale Lam and her creative team (Ashley Green, Emma Janus, Michael Hall and Sidney Ramsey) for choreographing my first solo "Chains." Their knowledge, dedication  and attention to detail helped prepare me to compete this piece locally and at the national level. I would also like to thank Bonnie Boiter-Jolley, Ashley Evans, and James Schuller for their patience and guidance.  As a member of CCJC, I have the opportunity to attend 3 local competitions/conventions and the national competition at the end of our season. Being able to learn from so many amazing and talented teachers like Sonya Tayeh, Kirsten Russell, and Travis Wall, to name just a few, and to create friendships with dancers from all over the country are by far the greatest benefits of attending competitions and/or conventions. I always leave competitions/conventions feeling inspired! The talent is unreal and it motivates me to strive to do my personal best whether I am in class or on stage.  I hope to one day become a professional dancer to continue to increase the appreciation of the arts and to hopefully inspire others to dance.  

Thank you to Harlequin Floors and The World Dances!

Jordyn Lewis  @jordyn.lewis87