Ashley Simpson - November 2016 Judges' Choice

I have been dancing for 11 years, and I currently study Ballet and Modern at the Alvin Ailey school. My favorite style would have to be contemporary pointe. I would like to acknowledge the choreographer of this solo, Levi Marsman, and my dance coaches Deborah Marquez and Jan Hanniford. Dancing this piece is an amazing experience for me because I get to take on an intense emotional role when I am doing this solo. It is an excerpt from a larger piece, entitled ‘Voices’, and this character that I play has just been confronted by a friend who has passed away, and this ghost tells her to continue with the relationship that she wants to leave. I used to participate in the Jump and Nuvo conventions, which I believe are so important because they make you a well rounded dancer. My future plans are to join a contemporary based company, while I am in college studying communications with a concentration in film. My Youtube account is: Ashullzz. And my instagram is: Ashullzz_ . Thank you again for this amazing scholarship!