Tori Edsel - October 2016 Viewers' Choice

Thank you so much! I am sooo excited!! I have been dancing since I was only 2 years old, and competing since I was 5. I love being on the stage performing. I study all types of dances, but contemporary would have to be my favorite! 

My dance coaches are Dale Lam and Pamela Myers Wurdeman. I have been very lucky to train under some very gifted choreogrpahers: Allain Lupien, Mia Michaels, Sonya Tayeh, Shannon Mather, Francisco Gella, Bobby Newberry, Nik Lazzarini, Mischa Gabriel, Teddy Forance, Andrew Winghart, Brooke Pierotti, MJ Melissa Jackson, Al Blackstone, Victor Smalley, Angel Armas, Chantel Aguirre, Randy & Hefa, Jaci Royal, Kate Harpooltian, Kirsten Russell, Linda Garneau, Mitchel Federan and too many more to list!
Working with my choreographer Allain Lupien is always an amazing experience! This piece was very technical and a challenge to performe.  I love how he brings in his 2 daughters and his son to help coach the piece. This would have to be one of my favorite solos ever! I highly recommend his Power Dance workshop. I look forward to that week each year. Amazing people! I love going to Showstopper dance competitions! Dave and Debbie Roberts are two of the most wonderful people that you will ever meet! The staff is always so friendly (shout out to Taylor Quinn!) and you meet so many new people! The experience is amazing. I would definitely rank Showstopper one of my favorite dance competitions.
I believe the greatest benefit of a competition, and going to different competitions, is that it allows you to receive critiques from a wide variety of judges from all genres of dance. Having a panel of different judges each time, giving you different corrections, helps a dancer to grow so much! And then there's conventions. Conventions are an absolute gift. You learn from so many new teachers, learning new styles, and you are exposed to more than one style. Conventions help you become a better well-rounded dancer. 
My future plans are to hopefully go to Julliard (since I was 6, I've wanted to go there!) or University of Southern California. I have many other colleges I'd like to go to, but these would be my main choices. When I'm old enough, I'd like to audition for Shaping Sound. Their performances are just amazing, and being able to work in that company, and see how the pieces are made, would be an honor.
Most of all, I want to thank Ms. Dale and Ms. Pam for believing in me and helping me grow and to become all that I can be. 
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