Ying Lei Pham - October 2016 Judges' Choice

I am 10 years old and took my first dance class at the age of 3. The styles of dance that I train in are ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, musical theater and acro.  My favorite style of dance is contemporary.  I do not think I have a least favorite.  I rarely have the chance to do hip hop except at conventions, but I still love it and I’m always trying to learn new styles.

I would like to acknowledge my studio owner, Dawn Meyer and my solo teacher, Kathy Meyer from Just Off Broadway, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Miss Kathy Meyer choreographed a very mature piece for me with “Proserpina.”  I tried my best to portray the emotion that you can hear in Martha Wainwright’s voice.  It was definitely a challenge.

Dance Masters is a wonderful educational experience.  It not only helps prepare you for the dance world but for life in general.  Dance Masters is comprised of an interview which is good preparation for doing job or college interviews.  There are audition classes which push dancers to learn choreography quickly which is important when auditioning for dance jobs.  And finally, there is the solo portion which shows months and months of all the hard work and training you’ve put into your dance.

I think the greatest benefit to competitions is learning to perform on a stage live and working on stage presence.  Also, having judge’s critiques helps us to hear things from a different perspective and know what we can improve on. I think the greatest benefit to conventions is learning from so many different teachers in all styles of dance.  I believe that dance is always evolving and always changing so I think you can learn something new every day and every teacher has something different to offer!

I will continue to train and learn.  I would love to share my passion of dance with the world so I will follow wherever that leads me someday.  Thank you again so much for this wonderful scholarship.  It is so nice that you offer this scholarship to four dancers every month.  

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