Imani Peterson - July 2016 Viewers' Choice

Thank you so much for this scholarship that I will use towards the choreography for a new solo! I have been dancing for the last 8 years at Elite Academy in Utah. There are so many awesome teachers there! Contemporary is my favorite style but I also love ballet/pointe, jazz, lyrical and hip hop. This video is from a solo choreographed by Savannah Cross. She has been a huge mentor for me and has probably spent close to 100 hours of private instruction with me. She is brutal, but I love it! This video is from the LADM competition. I was so excited to get 1st place - platinum. I love the convention and the teachers that go with the competition. I have attended LADM for the last four years and plan to go again this year. This year during the summer I have been training in hip hop and jazz with a local professional company's junior team. I am excited to perform the Urban Fairytalez Who Are You - a Nonsensical Trip through Wonderland at the end of August at the University of Utah's Marriott Center for Dance. After summer I will continue on the Prodigy Company at Elite Academy and dance at my school. Thanks again! I am so lucky to get this scholarship!