Madi Hicks - July 2016 Viewers' Choice

Since 2013, I graduated from Booker T. Washington HSPVA in Dallas, TX and started at Juilliard in 2014. I have also attended The Jacob's Pillow contemporary program and Springboard Dans Montreal in the past two summers along with furthering my choreography dreams in many showcases at Juilliard and in my hometown of Dallas.

I am enjoying Juilliard a lot. I love it and am constantly pushed both technically and choreographically. I'm happy with my improvement thus far and excited to see where else Juilliard will take me! I train daily in ballet and modern along with electives like my comp classes that I, in particular, really love and finish the day with many rehearsals including my own workshop pieces I choreograph for twice a semester. I've gotten the wonderful opportunity to perform many works which has been one of the best parts of Juilliard for me. I love performing! 
I chose Juilliard for my education partly because it was always my dream since I was a little girl and partly because I knew it was what I needed in my dance training to prepare me for the professional career I hope to have after graduating. I wanted to be pushed technically, physically, and choreographically and Juilliard has a wonderful mix of all those things. 
This solo was a piece I choreographed freshman year for a student choreographic workshop at Juilliard. I found this beautiful piece of music that worked perfectly for my idea since I wanted a French piece of music. It's titled "Ne me quitte pas" which means "don't leave me". This choreographed piece was one of many I have created at Juilliard because choreography is a huge passion of mine and I'm super excited to be chosen as one of six dancers in my class to create a piece for our "choreographers and composers" show this fall where I will get the wonderful opportunity to create a work with a composer I'm paired with that creates a piece of music simultaneously. 
I would love to thank Alexandra Wells for helping me jump hurdles in my technical dancing these past two years and David Parker for believing in me as a choreographer and pushing me in composition class. 
My future plans are to dance professionally in a contemporary company for a few years before hopefully starting a company of my own full of my own choreographic ideas.