Haylee Wyman - June 2016 Viewers' Choice

I am so honored to have been chosen as the viewers’ choice this month and am grateful for this opportunity! I have been dancing since the age of four and have been dancing competitively for ten years. I dance at All American Dance Factory and All American Classical Ballet School where I train every day in multiple styles of dance. In the fall, I will be attending Point Park University as a dance major with a concentration in Jazz! This has been my dream since I started dancing and I am blessed to have the opportunity to further my dance education at such a prestigious dance conservatory! I have attended competitions and conventions throughout the state of Florida and across the country since the age of six and have competed at many National competitions in New York City. I have studied all genres of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop, lyrical, ballroom, and musical theater. My favorite is definitely jazz and contemporary, however, I take ballet and tap very seriously along with all other styles. 

I would like to first acknowledge my choreographer of this piece, Gissell Durand and my coach, Julio Montano -- Thank you for your dedication, expertise and for pushing me further! I would also like to thank my studio owner, Terri Howell, and all my dance teachers! Performing and learning my solo titled "Sense" was an amazing experience. The choreography was challenging, allowing me to find so many places of growth within the piece and pushed me to work extremely hard on fine-tuning every second. I am thankful for the artistic freedom this solo gave me as well as the inspiring and invigorating music I had the privilege of dancing to. Performing is a sacred thing to me, and I am so grateful to have been able to perform this solo several times at competitions, including Onstage New York and NYCDA Nationals last summer. 

I believe that the benefits of participating in competitions and conventions are the way that other dancers you are surrounded by push you to do your absolute best, and often times, you dance better when you are around people who inspire you! Also, the act of performing and being able to go out on a stage and perform, whether in a group or a solo, is unbelievably great experience for working in the industry.

This summer I will be attending NYCDA National Grande Finale! I am super excited! This will be my last nationals competing with my team, so it is a bit sad, but we are very excited to perform one last time together! I always learn so much from NYCDA Nationals!

Thank you again!