Sage Evans-Rainey - May 2106 Viewers' Choice

Sage Evans-Rainey has been training in ballet, jazz, African, tap, modern, contemporary and hip-hop since she was two years old (11 years). She spends from two to five hours a day practicing or assisting dance teachers at Morton Street Dance Center (MSDC) while gearing up for her featured role in MSDC’s Spring Concert on June 4, 2016 at Towson University. Sage is also a Jr. Apprentice with Morgan State University’s Dance Ensemble; the youngest dancer to earn this recognition.

In addition to her rigorous dance training schedule, Sage maintains straight A’s while studying all of her courses in the Russian language in which she is semi-fluent. In April, she was honored as a 2016 Carson scholar at the Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore, MD and secured a college scholarship due to her commitment to academic excellence and service to her community. She is set to graduate with honors, deliver the final speech at commencement and has been accepted to five top academic and performing arts high schools in the area.

Sage’s favorite style of dance is modern/lyrical dance. She would like to thank all her dance teachers at Morton Street Dance Academy under the direction of Donna Jacobs.

Sage is excited to have been accepted to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy summer intensive. It will be six days a week and sometimes consist of twelve hour days while training in ballet, Dunham, Horton, Graham, jazz, tap, flamenco, hip hop, musical theater, and pointe classes for more advanced students. Sage will stay at a local Los Angeles university for four weeks and perform in the finale showcase at the end of the program in July.

Sage said, “I am so excited about this trip! It really is a dream come true and maybe I might actually get to meet Debbie Allen and Misty Copeland in person. My goal is to learn as much as I can and work hard to make sure I get the most and grow from this experience. This is going to be so amazing!

I know that I need to train more to become a great dancer. I want to become a professional dancer and dance studio owner one day. I promise that I will work hard every minute of every day to make it as far as I can go. Most of all, I will not give up and I will make my dreams come true.

Thank you so much for supporting aspiring young artists like me. Dance! I love to dance! Dance inspires me because it has become my voice. It is a form of communication that helps me to feel better when I’m sad or even feel happier when I am already happy. When I am dancing, I am able to just feel the movement in my body and block out everything else that is going on. At that moment, nothing else matters except for the message that I am communicating. Dancing is a part of who I am. It has influenced me because it has taught me to work even harder when challenges are in front of me. It also has taught me that I have the ability to influence others around me. Most importantly, dance has taught me to never give up on myself and I apply that to everything I do. Dance also has the ability to influence the whole world. Have you ever noticed when people are in a room dancing? You do not see the divisions that you see in everyday life. Just dancing, people smiling, laughing, and feeling good while moving their bodies to a wonderful rhythm. This is the power of dance. It has the power to bring people together.”