Gabriella Annalise Flanders - April 2016 Viewers' Choice

Thank you Harlequin Floors for the amazing scholarship, and thanks to everyone who voted for my video.  It's an honor to be selected again, especially in the company of so many awesome dancers!  I was so grateful for the scholarship last year.  Thanks to that scholarship, I was able to attend the Joffrey Ballet School SummerIntensive in New York City.  It was super fun and an amazing dance experience!  Living in NYC for a month was a life changing opportunity!  When I returned home, my teachers commented positively about my growth as a dancer over the summer. 

This summer, thanks to this scholarship and other scholarships, I have to opportunity to dance in Los Angeles.   I will be attending the Los Angeles Ballet Academy's California Summer IntensiveIn Studio Dance's Summer Intensive, and the Dance Ideas Seminar, focusing on improving my skills as an assistant to the teachers at both of my dance studios:  The Carmel Academy of Performing Arts and The Dance Center, both in Carmel, California.

My goals for all of my summer intensives are to grow as an individual dancer, and to improve my skills as a dance teacher.  One of my long term goals is to become a dance teacher, so this summer will help me toward that goal.

At the Los Angeles Ballet Academy's Summer Intensive, I will have the opportunity to work with Andrea Paris-Gutierrez, the award winning choreographer of the dance on my video, "The Getaway."  It was an incredible experience working with such a talented choreographer and it was a great opportunity for me to challenge myself with an new style of solo.  This was my first pointe solo, and it was my special privilege to have a costume made for me by the talented Joanne Phelps.  Sandra Burnham was my generous and dedicated rehearsal coach:  I am so grateful to Mrs. Burnham for all of her guidance and patience.

This video was from one of my competition pieces this year.  I always think that a little bit of friendly competition is good, so I enjoy going to dance competitions to push myself to grow as a dancer.  I think that it is fun to watch, and meet, other dancers from other studios.  Additionally, I enjoy preparing group numbers -- the camaraderie and the team work help me to improve as a team player.  I also enjoy helping my uncle run his dance convention:  The Reno Latin Dance Fest.  I have been helping my uncle for the past four years, including performing, helping teach classes, and helping run the nightly showcase.  I am so grateful to my uncle for the opportunities he gives me to grow as a performer and a teacher. 

I am fundraising for my summer dance intensives with Go Fund Me:  this will take you to an acknowledgement of this wonderful scholarship from Harlequin Floors.  Again, thank you so much!  I am humbled to receive a your generous scholarship for a second time.