Lessons from Story Ballet Romances

Romance is hard! Balancing classes and rehearsals with dating is a challenge. On the bright side, it could be worse. Story ballet heroines’ love lives are just The Worst!

Here are three cautionary morals to be gleaned from balletic loves. If you’re steering clear of these “classic” mistakes, congratulations! #winningatValentinesDay

Beware princes making pledges!

These guys have serious commitment issues. Also, they can be really bad at telling the difference between magical ladies!


Brooklyn Mack as Prince Siegfried pledges his eternal love to Misty Copeland as Odette.


Angel Corella as Prince Siegfried pledges his love to Nina Ananiashvili as Odile. Come on, Siegfried!


The Royal Danish Ballet’s Silja Schandorff consults a flower to ascertain the veracity of Albrecth’s (Nehemiah Kish) love.  Questionable method of vetting, that.

Avoid jealousy of powerful people/creatures

These characters just cannot take no for an answer!


The Royal Ballet’s Marianel Nunez as Gamzatti confronts the doomed Nikiya over Solor.


The Mariinsky Ballet’s Vladimir Ponomarev as the High Brahmin schemes to make Nikiya his.


Roman Zhurbin as Rothbart fights to maintain control over Hee Seo as Odette.


Carabosse rages against royalty in Nacho Duato’s The Sleeping Beauty for the St. Petersburg's Mikhailovsky Theater.

If you are dead, or dancing with someone who is dead, you have a serious problem.

Dancing with heart conditions and opium are strongly contraindicated for ballet characters!

Stuttgart Ballet’s Alicia Amatriain as Giselle forgives Friedemann Vogel as Duke Albrecht.


Dancers of the Mariinsky Ballet in the Kingdom of the Shades set the stage for Nikiya’s ghost.