Sydney Maddox - January 2106 Viewers' Choice

I have been dancing for 12 years, and I currently study dance at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities. I would like to thank all of my teachers for getting me where I am today, and I would especially like to thank Amber Cumbee who choreographed this solo in my video. I have studied tap, jazz, lyrical, character, and now I mainly study ballet and modern. My favorite is ballet and lyrical. Working with the choreographer on this piece was a very new experience for me. It helped me tremendously to learn about myself as an artist because the choreographer really wanted me to show my style and my own story through the piece. The story behind it is that I am at the beginning of my journey in life and I'm ready to see where life takes me. This was my first solo which won first place when I competed it at Onstage New York. The most difficult thing for me was selecting the music because it was my choice. I spent a long time listening to many songs and made a list, then I chose the one that I felt fit me the best and the style that I liked to do. I was on a competition team for three years and my biggest piece of advice is to enjoy it while it lasts and work as hard as you can. It's not what place you get, it's how you feel during your performance and it's about doing your best. I am planning on attending a summer intensive this year, and I hope to improve my technique and my artistic qualities. I want to work on strengthening my turnout because I recently injured my adductors. I also hope to work on using my head and port de bras more liberally. Seeing how far I have come and looking up to where I could go is what inspires me to dance. I hope to become a professional ballerina one day, it would truly be a dream to dance in Europe. Thank you so much for the scholarship, it is truly a blessing!