Hailey Beasley - December 2015 Judges' Choice

My sister Alyssa and I have both been dancing since the age of two. We study at Jill Stanford Dance Center in Georgia. We both study ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical and contemporary. Our favorites would be jazz and contemporary.

We would love to thank Mrs. Jill, our dance teacher, for pushing us and encouraging us to be the best we can be. We would also love to thank our parents for helping us get to where we are now in our dancing careers. Their support has meant everything to us.

Learning this piece was definitely different. It was sometimes emotional to think about really getting into the piece and the two characters by attempting to put ourselves in this situation that many people face.  We did more work with partnering in this dance, which we had never really done before. Working with my sister is always fun! We get along well when learning choreography. She has been choreographing dances for me for several years now, but I would have to say that this dance was one of my favorites.

My sister has always liked the song "Tears of an Angel" by Ryan Dan. But when she heard the version that we danced to, she liked it even more, and felt that it would really work with the concept she had in mind for us.

We have been competing for about 12 years and we love it! From personal experience, we would like to encourage younger dancers aspiring to attend competitions to have confidence and courage, along with an open mind. What we have learned is that even though competitions are serious and can be stressful, don't forget that you are there to have fun!

We are both planning to attend summer intensives this year! Alyssa is going off to college next year, so she will be attending Kennesaw State's summer dance intensive. I am planning to attend The Dance Awards and possibly Tokyo the Academy. We are both planning on attending Artists Simply Human's nationals as well. Our goals for this summer are to push ourselves and broaden our horizons. We want to expand our knowledge of dance the best we can.

What inspires us to dance is the feeling that we get from it. Coming from a small town, there's really no opportunities for us to do anything very big with dance, so we have to keep looking ahead and doing all that we can with the inspiration that dance gives us. We have been so fortunate to have all the opportunities we've had with dance!

Alyssa plans to attend Kennesaw State and major in dance and physical therapy. One day, she wants own her own studio to inspire and teach other kids to follow their dreams while learning how to take care of their bodies and use them to the best of their abilities. I, on the other hand, am not so sure what I want to do yet. All I know is that I want to pursue dance in some way, whether it be performing or teaching.