Ashley Sartell - December 2015 Viewers' Choice

Thank you very much! I am extremely honored! I have been dancing for 14 years at Pat Barton Dance Studio. I study ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, pointe, and hip hop. I would like to thank my teachers Ali Hansen, Krissy Atcheson, and Pat Dickey. They have been my instructors my whole life and have given me the wonderful opportunity to compete with my own choreography. This solo is the most special to me, I got a concussion 2 years ago and have been struggling ever since. I didn't know how to deal with it, so I started with searching "sad music". I found this piece and it spoke to me, I heard it and realized this is exactly what I was going through. I always enjoyed competing this at competitions because it was fun. I wasn't nervous, I didn't worry about winning, I danced for myself and that's why this dance was so successful. That's my advice to others, don't focus on the competition. If all you care about is beating this person or that studio it ruins the experience. If you're proud of how you danced and you enjoyed yourself, you won. Over the summer, I plan to mostly work and raise money for college but hope to attend a few of the summer classes at my studio. My future plans are to attend college and study choreography and dance education. I'm currently looking at California Institute of the Arts and Muhlenberg College. What inspires me to dance is the pure joy that it creates. Dance has always been there for me and I want to spread the joy around the world. Once again a big thank you to everyone who voted for me, I am forever grateful!