Avery Alexander - November 2015 Judges' Choice

Thank you so much for selecting my video as a judges' choice winner. It means a lot. I have been dancing for 7 consecutive years. I started out at Dallas Black Dance Academy, then moved to Contemporary Ballet Dallas. I am now a senior at Booker T. Washington High School for the performing and Visual Arts. I study ballet, jazz, and modern technique. I have also studied African, hip-hop, etc. My favorite style is Graham technique.

There have been many great instructors that I have had throughout my dance training that have helped me grow. Two that I would like to acknowledge are Lily Cabatu Weiss and Dr. Linda James. They have honed in on my potential of being a dancer since my freshman year of high school. I appreciate them so much.

The first time I learned “36 Hour Day” was my freshman year in a performing repertory class. I revisited this piece earlier this year. The process of learning it was like learning any other piece. This piece has very sentimental meaning to Mrs. Weiss and was originally choreographed as a duet. I had to learn how to put my own story and artistry behind the choreography. One thing that grows every time I work with Mrs. Weiss is definitely my stamina.

I plan on attending a summer dance intensive this summer. My goals for the summer are to learn something new that can help me grow as an artist and dancer in my technique. My future plans are to begin college next year as a dance major. I have not yet decided which college I am attending. I have aspirations of being company dancer and entering the musical theater world.