Abigail Mosier - October 2015 Viewers' Choice
Words can't even begin to express how thankful I am for your company and to be given an opportunity like this one. I admire that you are giving adolescents a chance to flourish and share their passion for dance. Dance has always been a lifetime love of mine. From my start at age three until now, my love for dance has not dwindled, but grown. "April School of Dance" (owned by April Cush) is where I nurture my passion. I spend a lot of time there. All this time is spent by taking classes to improve my abilities. I currently take the following classes taught by the teachers listed below:

~Tap: Miss Jennifer Blankenship
~Jazz: Miss Jennifer Blankenship
~Contemporary: Miss Jennifer Blankenship
~Pointe: Miss Bailey Pretack. 
~Ballet: Miss Chelle Blankenship
~Hip-Hop: Miss Chelle Blankenship
 I also dabble in musical theatre from time to time as well as take a "Stretch-Turns-Jumps" class to improve my flexibility, technique, and tricks. I am also currently an assistant teacher with the pre-dancers. On the weekends you can find me practicing for a traveling dance team I am enrolled in. Our team is called the "Dynamic Dance Competition Company", but better known as DDCC. Through this traveling dance is how and why I performed this solo "Home." This solo was my 3rd solo that I have ever performed, but only my 2nd contemporary one. The master mind behind this choreography was Jennifer Blankenship. When asked what choreographing this dance was like this is exactly how she reponded. "Abigail and I have a creative process that I always look forward to experiencing. While making 'Home,' we used the lyrics of the song to guide us to the intention of the work. With the idea of Abigail not visiting home after being gone for a period of time, we created movement and gestures that embody the idea. Abigail is always very open to exploring new movement ideas. She also can connect ideas and movement to create solos that are meaningful to her which then translate as meaningul to her audiences." A little more information about Jennifer is below:
~She grew up dancing at April School of Dance 
~Received her Bachelor's Degree in dance from Slippery Rock University in 2005.
~Created the traveling dance team DDCC in 2005
~She moved to NYC to persue the life of a dance artist. 
~Taught in and around the city
~Tap danced with Undertoe Dance Project
~Took classes in NYC
~Did some arts administrative work with Jill Sigman/Thinkdance
~Moved back to hometown in 2011, so that she could make more dance and share her knowledge and love for dance with the dancing kids in that area. 
    I, Abigail, have been competing at competitions for 5 years now. Dance competitions can sometimes be a scary thought, but just like anything, the more one experiences it, the easier it becomes. My best advice for the youth in dance is to always remember why you started dance in the first place. Set goals and dance every time as if were to be your last. Dance full out and never take anything for granted. It's easy to get caught up in the stress and uneasy feelings that sometimes come along with competitions. Take a deep breath, just relax, and enjoy every moment. They won't last forever. Know that one can always get better and that dancers earn their trophies at the studio, then just pick them up at competitions. 

What inspires me to dance? I love that feeling of freedom I receive after I perform. It's truly indescribable. What keeps me going are little goals I like to set for myself, anyone who has ever doubted me, the younger dancers who look up to me, and my future. I honestly just love dance. Dance and I go together like peanut butter and jelly!

When it comes to my future, I like to think my destination's unknown. I aspire to be on "So You Think You Can Dance", to attend Juilliard (or any performing arts college), to be a choreographer of some sort, owner of a company or studio are all ideas that have crossed my mind before. Until I set in stone what I want to do with my life, I will just keep trying to take as many opportunities as possible and just flow with how things go. The goal is that an opportunity will strike a career. I want to thank everyone who voited for me and I can't wait to see where dance takes me! 
        With love,
        Abigail Mosier :)