Thomas Archey - July 2015 Judges' Choice

Thank you so much l for selcting me as your winner! This really means a lot! I have been technically trained for about 4 years now. I studied at Art In Motion Dance Studio in Champaign, Illinois. I study all types of dance including Jazz, Tap, Contemporary/Lyrical, Hip-Hop, and I've taken a couple Ballroom classes. 

I'd like to thank Tricia Trimble, Chad Trimble, Skylee Trimble, Jared Baker, Bailey Krouse, and Bridget Krouse with out them I wouldn't be where I am today! 
Learning the piece in my video was a little challenging. Jared Baker was the choreographer. This was my first ever contemporary solo I've done. When Jared started working with me he told me, "I want you to imagine you have a ball of light in your hand which represents who you are." To me that was an amazing concept! I feel head over heels for it and just got to work as soon as possible! 
I now attend school at the University of Arizona as a dance major. I knew I loved dance from the first time I stepped foot in Art In Motion. The passion, the sweat, the tears, the heart that everyone put in each step just made so excited and eager to learn and advance more than what I was! After my senior year I just new I wanted to dance in college. My teachers all told me about Arizona and how amazing their dance program was. So I went to their annual jazz showcase and busted their campus and fell in love and said, "This is the school I want to go to!" So I auditioned and got into the program and I was so excited! Balancing school and dance first semester wasn't hard for me. I had everything planned out and organized to where I had time to study and stretch and then go to my dance classes. Second semester was harder because I had more classes to handle but I got through because I knew I wanted to stay at the University. 
When I was at Art In Motion I competed with their company and it was the best thing ever. It really helped me grow as a dancer and a person. I won numerous titles in those three years I was there -- only because I was pushed by my teachers and my fellow dancers around me. 
My advice for any younger dancer wanting to compete is never hold back. Always continue to push yourself past your limits. Take every class as if it was your last because every class will help better your future as a dancer. Stretch everyday because for some dancers flexibility doesn't come naturally. Be inspired to learn more and to continue to pursue your passion. Never forget to have fun and enjoy it! 
I get inspired by watching other dancers and choreographers work. It helps me step outside my box of doing the same things. What also inspires me is the support my friends and family have given me. Always telling me to keep moving forward and never hold back. It's just amazing to know they've all got my back. 
In the future I would like to join a company like Complexions or Cedar Lake and then when my contract is up I would love to do LA work because I've always liked that jazz hip-hop feeling and being a back up dancer would help achieve that feeling or even being in a commercial or a movie. I just want to do it all. I don't want to just do one style my whole life. That is not the kind of dancer I am. 
Thanks, again for selecting me as your scholarship winner!