Taylor Perkinson - June 2015 Viewers' Choice

Thank you! I have been dancing since the age of two. I have studied ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz, hip hop and tap. I also have taken extra classes including African and also compete in shag and swing partner dance. I currently attend Coker College in the pursuit of my BFA in dance performance and choreography. I am attending a six week summer dance intensive currently called American Dance Festival at Duke University. I have been competing since the age of seven and continued until I graduated high school in 2012. I am also on the dance team at Coker College and we plan to compete this year as well. Some advice i would give to other competitors is to focus on your body as to what it needs to be in its best condition, whether that be rest, training, etc. As dancers our body is our instrument in life and it's important to take care of it. Also, remember that the sun will always rise tomorrow so work hard and train hard, but know that regardless of the outcome of the competitions there will always be tomorrow to learn and improve. Lastly, remember why you dance. Sometimes the weight of competitions can ruin the experience of performing. Don't let stress and pressure tear you down. Dancing is the best part of my life and I do it because I love it. I'm inspired to dance because it is my way of expressing myself to others without words. I have always danced and loved music, but since 2012 my inspiration to dance has been my daddy who passed away. I continue to dance and push myself because he would say to me, "To be extraordinary, don't follow the ordinary." Don't just file in behind others you perform with, push to be better and extraordinary! My future plans are to graduate with my BFA degree and continue to perform with a company or for a cruise line. I wish to travel and learn as many cultures and their dance styles as possible. I would like to eventually open my own studio or company that provides a range of dance styles from cultural dances, to shag and ballroom, to typical classes offered like ballet. This would provide a wide range of styles allowing one place to be able to reach many ages and get them to fall in love with dancing as I did.