Michelle Carter - June 2015 Judges' Choice
Thanks to everyone at TheWorldDances.com. My name is Michelle Carter and I am both honored and humbled to be a judges' choice selection. I grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland and I have been dancing since I was 3 years old. In addition to tap, I am trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. Tap has always been my favorite style of dance because it is truly a limitless art form; there are always new steps and rhythms to explore.

I danced with B.funk Dance Company’s competitive team for 3 years before graduating in 2014. The studios and people of B.funk hold some of my fondest memories as a dancer. The best of these memories involve Tim Roberts and Thomas Ford. Tim Roberts changed more than my dancing, he changed my life by always believing in me and teaching me to dance with my heart. Thomas has always challenged and trusted me to take care of his artistic genius. When it came time for my senior solo, Thomas wanted to push me in a different direction. The result, “Rolling in the Deep”, was very different than anything I had ever done before since it was an emotional piece, and emotion is not usually a factor that is associated with tap dance.
My competition days are definitely what drove me to be the best I could be. For me, competitions were never about competing for trophies. Rather, they enabled me to connect with people who furthered my development. I first met Chloe Arnold through the competition world, and ever since then, she has been one of my biggest inspirations. I got to be a small part of her show, Syncopated Ladies: Live in NYC, directed by Ted Louis Levy. For young dancers hoping to participate in competitions, I suggest to always use competitions as a tool for improving, and not to focus too hard on the awards.
Since graduating from B.funk and performing “Rolling in the Deep”, I am now 19 years old and living in New York City. I attend Marymount Manhattan College and study musical theatre (I love to sing and act as well)! My family has sacrificed so much for me to follow my dreams and every performance I have and ever will give is for them. For more information about my endeavors, visit my website, http://mecarter03.wix.com/michellecarter.