Brian Lac - June 2015 Viewers' Choice
First I would like to thank the organization and everyone that voted for me. A little bit about myself is that I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and have always been intrigued by dancing. Growing up I was always watching YouTube and became amazed by dancers like Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos and the Philadelphia legend, Smart Mark. I told myself, that if one day I could be like them, my life would be set. 
Without counting this year, I have never been to a professional dance studio. Everything has been self taught, using my giant mirror in my living room. This past year I had the opportunity to finally upload my own dance concept video ( and I slowly built a passion for it. One video led to another, and here we are now. 
To go more specifically into this piece, I wanted to do a song by Meek Mill, to kind of "rep my city" (funny thing is that when Meek said "4AM I'm on the North Side of Philly," I actually pointed towards North Philly in the video). So when this opportunity came around, I knew that it was going to be something special. 

Dancing has always been a passion of mine because it allows you to express so much through our movements, whether you're happy, sad, angry, or even bored, you have the ability to show that through dance. With winning this contest, it only marks the beginning of the journey: only more videos are going to be pumped out and I will only seek to push my skill and craft for improvement, through actual dance classes, and more workshops. 
Lastly I would like to send out a couple of acknowledgements: 
Treniyyah, Jason, and Naseer - For happily stepping in for this video. With how "nitpicky" I can get, I am very proud of how much we were able to accomplish. 
Mrs. LaToya Coley - For always supporting me and always pushing me to never be intimidated by what can come my way. You are my backbone throughout this journey and I can not thank you enough. 
And last but not least, to everyone who voted -- thank you for believing in me. Knowing that people are actually watching my videos and actually liking it, is an indescribable feeling and is something that you must work for and earn. Winning this competition honestly allows me to keep my dream of dancing alive and allows me to live my life to the fullest."