Makenna Isles - May 2015 Viewers' Choice

Thank you so much for the Harlequin floors Viewers’ Choice scholarship for May, 2015. The scholarship is very much appreciated and extremely helpful!

Last year, when Makenna won the Viewers’ Choice scholarship in January 2014, she used the money toward a summer technique intensive at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA. It helped Makenna so much, that she went on to compete and win the title of Junior Miss Dance of PA from Dance Masters of Pennsylvania in November.

Makenna will compete in late June for the title of Junior Miss Dance of America, with her teammate, Emma Lowers, Teen Miss Dance of PA. They plan to use their scholarship money toward this trip to Boston, MA.

Makenna would like to thank her teacher, choreographer and studio director, Kevin Garvey, along with her ballet instructor, Ashley Hazy, and also all of the rest of her teachers.

We also want to sincerely thank Harlequin Floors for providing these scholarship opportunities. They are so very helpful and often instrumental in enabling dancers to pursue opportunities that might be cost prohibitive otherwise.

Thanks again for all that you do!