Emma Lowers - May 2015 Viewers' Choice

Thank you for the Harlequin Floors Scholarship.  Last year after winning the scholarship, I attended Dance Master’s Student Honors Intensive Program (SHIP) in Buffalo, New York.  It was a fantastic experience learning many different combinations from some fabulous teachers.  I also enjoyed the two numbers I got to perform in the showcase.  That experience has allowed me to make many friends from around the country, many of which I am still in touch with.  I will not be attending this intensive this year because in November I won the honor to represent Dance Masters Chapter 10 as Teen Miss Dance of Pennsylvania.  This summer I will be using the scholarship to attend Dance Masters of America Nationals in Boston and compete for the title of Teen Miss Dance of America. I will be making this journey with Makenna Isles who also was the other top vote getter for the May Harlequin Scholarship.  I am looking forward to this experience because it is such an honor, I get to work with another group of fantastic instructors, and two of the girls from SHIP will be representing their chapters, so I am excited to see them again. The piece in my video is called Fault in Our Stars and it was choreographed by Will Thomas. This solo is rather new and I am still working on getting it to where I want it.   The story behind it is about surviving/battling cancer and I chose this song because I lost my number one fan – my Pappy – to cancer a year and half ago. I miss him dearly, but I know he is still cheering me on and watching over me. It was great to work with Will Thomas on this piece.  He is such a great guy, funny, down to earth, and a fantastic dancer and choreographer.  I like his style and the fact that he challenges me to dance and express the story rather than making the dance about tricks. I have only performed this solo twice, but it won a Choreography Award one of the times.  I’ve had a successful competition season starting out with my Teen Miss Dance of PA win.  At one competition, I was awarded the Dance to Inspire Award for my last year’s video solo – Imagine - which is the number I will be competing with at nationals.  I hope that I inspire young girls to dance and to always try their best.  I put a lot of hours into my training and value my time spent at the studio or learning from other dancers.  I enjoy the challenge of learning new choreography in all the discipline areas.  I spend a lot of time watching dance videos to find new music and or dance moves.  I would like to thank Will Thomas for my new solo and Kevin Garvey, my dance instructor, and Ashley Hazy, my ballet instructor, for helping me rehearse and clean my solo.  Thank you once again for this wonderful scholarship opportunity that will help defray the cost for my national’s expenses.  Also thank you to everyone who voted for my solo.  Emma Lowers