Sophie Williams - May 2015 Judges' Choice

Thank you very much for the award!! I really appreciate the Judges choosing me for this scholarship. I started ballet when I was 3 years of age. I studied at Ballet Arte Academy in San Diego for 10 years, and am currently in the pre-professional 2 division of Miami City Ballet School.  I would like to acknowledge my teachers Sara Viale and Erlends Zieminch, who have always given me the biggest support through my training. They have been the biggest influence on my dancing since I was 6 years old, and I would really like to give them recognition.

I competed at YAGP in 2013 and 2014, and in the World Ballet Competition in 2014. I believe that competitions allow young dancers the opportunity for more one on one training with their coaches, and an opportunity to cultivate different variations. For me, the most important part of the competitions, were all of the rehearsals and work with my teachers that built up to it. I think that it is important not to enter a competition aiming for a gold medal, or worrying about where you are going to place; but instead to think of it as an extra experience, and to put all of your energy into the preparation of your performance.

I am going to be attending the summer intensive at Miami City Ballet. I have a huge love and passion for dance, and I can't imagine doing anything else.

As for my future plans, I am working toward being offered a position in a professional ballet company.

Many thanks,