Lindy Mesmer - Apr. 2015 Judges' Choice

I’ve been dancing for about 10 years, since I was 3. I’m taking classes at two different places right now: Dance
Tech Performing Arts (a jazz studio) and also at Radford University for ballet. I study musical theatre, jazz, contemporary, and ballet. Ballet and musical theatre would have to be my favorite styles right now. This year I will be attending the SAB New York summer course. 

I would like to say thank you to Paige Godwin, the choreographer and coach of this dance. She has pushed me so hard in everything and really pulled me out of my comfort zone especially for this contemporary pointe piece. I couldn’t ask
for a better instructor. I would also like to acknowledge Inessa and Aleksey Plekhanov, my ballet teachers. I’m not sure what I would do without them. I definitely wouldn’t be the dancer I am today without their support and

I have competed in a number of competitions including YAGP, ASH, NYCDA, Hall of Fame, JUMP, and many others. I
don’t do a lot of competitions right now because I am trying to focus on my training. 

My advice for younger dancers -- You can’t help how other people dance or behave but you can control yourself. Be as nice as possible, speak to people kindly and try to make connections. In the dance world, there is a lot of jealousy, so people will try to find anything they can to judge you on. You want to give them something good to judge. Plus, you’ll benefit from all the friends you make. It’s so nice to have a dance friend to connect and talk with. Also, you can’t let failure get to you. Only you can decide how good you are. You know your success, you know your skill and you know that if you work hard enough you will leap higher, turn faster. It’s really all up to you in the end. You decide your threshold. 

My dance inspiration? -- There’s just something amazing about creating something beautiful, whether it be onstage or in class. I love to challenge myself in class, see how hard I can push myself. It’s so pleasing to look in the mirror and think, wow, that’s me. Yet, it’s so hard to pinpoint why I love to dance so much. It makes me feel so happy
and all I can say is I can’t live without it.